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    Small Steps    

In this sequel to Holes, former inmate Armpit is now 17 and struggling with the challenges facing an African American teenager with a criminal history. A new friendship with Ginny, who has cerebral palsy, a reunion with former friend X-ray, a ticket-scalping scheme, a beautiful pop singer, and a frame-up all test Armpit’s resolve to  "Just take small steps and keep moving forward".





Someday Angeline


Johnny's in the Basement


The Boy Who
Lost His Face

Being a genius causes Angeline nothing but trouble with the tough kids, her teacher, and even her father. But then she meets "Goon" and Mr. Bone and gets a chance at happiness.
Growing up is difficult, so Johnny just stays in the basement with his World's Greatest Bottle Cap Collection. When his parents tell him to get rid of the collection and then sign him up for dancing lessons, life looks impossible—until he has his first dance with Valerie Plum.
Trying too hard to fit in, David goes along with some boys who harass an old woman. When she puts a curse on him, he is suddenly unpopular at school! As he tries to rid himself of the curse, David must decide what he truly believes and what is right.




Dogs Don't Tell Jokes


There's a Boy in the
Girl's Bathroom


Sixth Grade Secrets

Class clown Gary "Goon'' Boone loves to tell jokes, but everyone else is tired of them, and him. When the school talent show is announced, Gary decides to perfect his humor and show everyone just how funny he can be. But the road to success has many potholes and Gary's dreams may be headed for disaster.
Bradley Chalkers is a misfit, a liar, and a bully. He doesn't have friend in the world. The kids think he's a monster, and Bradley seems to agree. When he is sent to the new school counselor, she sees the likable Bradley beneath the "monster". But just as she begins to build Bradley's self-confidence, the school board decides to replace her with a computer.
Laura has what seems like a great idea. She will start a secret club called Pig City. To make sure members keep the club secret, they must reveal something embarrassing to the other members as "insurance". Before long everything is out of control—Pig City has a rival, the secrets are exposed, and Laura loses her hair (sort of).

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