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Kidnapped at Birth?


Why Pick on Me?


Is He A Girl?

Marvin is convinced that he was kidnapped at birth and is really the Lost Prince of Shampoon.
When Marvin is unfairly accused of being a nose-picker by the class bully, his classmates begin avoiding him. Can he prove his innocence?
Marvin has been told he'll turn into a girl if he kisses his elbow. After his lips "accidentally" touch his elbow, he wonders if it is happening.

Alone in His
Teacher's House


Class President


A Flying
Birthday Cake?

When his teacher pays Marvin to take care of her old dog, Waldo, while she's away, all his classmates envy him—until Waldo dies.
The President of the United States pays a surprise visit to Marvin's class on ''hole day." Everyone, even the teacher, is wearing clothes with holes.
Marvin and his friend Nick think they've seen a UFO while camping out. Then an odd new kid named Joe Normal shows up at school. Is he a space invader?

Super Fast
Out of Control!




A Magic Crystal?

Marvin has been dared to ride his new mountain bike down "Suicide Hill." Will he become a daredevil or wimp out?
Casey Happleton shows Marvin a magic crystal she's found and offers to give Marvin a few wishes. Is the crystal really magic?


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