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Sideways Stories from
Wayside School


Wayside School
is Falling Down


Wayside School
Gets a Little Stranger

Wayside School was supposed to be 30 classrooms, one story high; but by mistake it was built straight up 30 stories. And that's not all that's funny here.
More teetering tales and quirky characters from the thirtieth floor of towering Wayside School. The craziness continues.
When their teacher, Mrs. Jewls, leaves to have her baby, the kids go through a series of substitutes, each one a little stranger than the last.



Sideways Arithmetic
from Wayside School




More Sideways Arithmetic
from Wayside School

Have fun solving more than 50 mathematical brain teasers while reading this great collection of Wayside School stories.
This terrific sequel to the original collection of brain twisters and math puzzles adds up to a lot of fun.


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